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IP Core


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The FLE Phantom has been developed as an alternative to the on-chip Hard TriMac available in the Xilinx Virtex4 and Virtex5 series FPGAs.

Core Implementation

This core allows the implementation a 10/100/1G interface capable of achieving full 1Gb/s DataRates. The core provides a Host interface bridge, MDIO PHY access, Transmit Client Data port, and Receive Data ports and a substantially simpler clocking mechanism and provides structures suitable for use in Spartan3, 3E, 3A, VirtexII, Virtex4, and Virtex5 FPGAs.

The Phamton allows add additional Tri-Mode Ethernet ports to existing Virtex4/Virtex5 designs; or cost reduce a Virtex design by using a Spartan series FPGA

Developed by Finger Lakes Engineering

The FLE Phantom Tri-Mode MAC Core replicates the Virtex4/Virtex4 tri-mode Ethernet Mac Core functions and provides a soft-core implementation for use in both Spartan and Virtex class Xilinx devices. The FLE Phantom allows upto full utilization at 1Gb/s RX/TX rates, supports IPv4, IPv6, Jumbo Packet mode and integrated MDIO management. The FLE Phantom core features a unique reclocking and synchronization path which both reduces clock buffer counts and simplifies core integration; making the FLE Phantom the perfect Gigabit MAC Core for low-cost Spartan devices and extending the functions of high performance Virtex architectures.

Phantom Hardware Architecture

Phantom Architecture