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Firmware Modules

Downloadable Embedded Software Modules

As part of our Free From FLE program, Finger Lakes Engineering is now offering downloadable embedded software modules from this website.

These modules provide useful, but non-proprietary, technology to help jumpstart any Emebdded system design. Most of these modules provide “bit level I/O” manipulation of GPIO ports to allow almost any general MicroProcessor to communicate with an external device.

All of the modules include summary specifications and are completely free to use in any commerical, student, or research program.


A simple, and basic, way to implement an I2C driver is to use two GPIO ports on a processor. Using a “bit-bang” technique, a simple I2C master can be implemented. This module allows any processor, with at least two I/O pins, to communicate with a variety of external I2C based components.

Download FLE I2C GPIO Driver
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