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Latest Design Sucesses

Finger Lakes Engineering has produced designs for clients located across the United States, Europe, and Taiwan. The information below details some of our more recent design programs.


FLE Mustang F-22 Supporting Role

The Advanced Warfighter Support facility for the United States Air Force (located in Arizona) has qualified the FLE Mustang for use as an Ethernet Data Collection node for acquiring test data during engineering and testing F-22 Joint Strike Fighter.

i.MX31 SBC

FLE has developed a custom single board media processor based on the Freescal i.MX31 CPU. The system provides a host USB port, 10/100 Ethernet, LCD display, NTSC/PAL TV Outputs, and operates on the Linux 2.6.20 kernel. The system is slated for use in an open-source graphics development platform.

AMD Geode LX800 SBC

FLE has developed a custom single board computer based on the AMD Geode LX800 processor, Linux 2.6.17 O/S, and providing both 256MB of DDR as well as a 10/100 network port. The custom SBC draws less than 4 WATTS of power and operates as a Finger Print recognition system for security and Time-and-Attendance systems.

High Performance Image Acquisition

FLE produced a test-system for the development of high speed CMOS 2D and 1D image arrays. The system is capable of acquiring and displaying over 1500 1D lines per second or over 60 2D video frames per second at upto 1600x1200x16 image resolutions.


Full Bandwidth Filtered Network Aggregator

FLE developed a complete 8-channel 10/100/1G Fiber/Copper Enterprise level Filtered Ethernet Aggregator. The unit is capable of being configured by an external GUI, controlled by a management Ethernet port, and allows programming on full-rate byte-level Ethernet packet filters and provides an “any-to-any” programmable data aggregation mesh.

USB Media Player

FLE designed the hardware and software for a low-cost USB based Audio/Video Player device. The system is capable of reading almost any standard audio/video (MPEG, WAV, MP4, etc) media file from a standard USB stick and decoding the audio/video to a stereo output as well as an NTSC/PAL or VGA video output.

Digital PWM Motor Controller

FLE converted an existing hysteretic analog motor controller into a fully digital constant frequency PWM 3-phase Motor Controller. The target system is to be deployed in a raditation hardended ASIC for use in space flight hardware.