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Engineering Tools

Free Design Tools

Finger Lakes Engineering has provided some free design tools on this web-page. These design tools are intended to help with both electrical and mechanical design tasks. The tools are for reference only and Finger Lakes Engineering will assume no liability for their use. You may also freely distribute anything on this page.

ZTOOL Impedance Calculator V1.2

Get Finger Lakes Engineering’s latest version of the popular Impedance Calculator. This tool uses a series of detailed equations to estimate multi-layer PCB trace impedance. This tool is capable of calculating both single-ended and differential impedance for both microstrip and stripline traces using factors such as dielectric constant, trace width, trace separation, and trace thickness. Many factors influence trace impedance and this tool uses a set of impedance equations to approximate the “true” trace impedance of your particular PCB design. For additional questions, Contact Finger Lakes Engineering for a detailed analysis of your specific requirements.

Download ZTOOL
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FPGA Converter

This tool was developed by Finger Lakes Engineering to convert a binary file into a “C source code” const char array. This program has been used to convert Altera RBF and Xilinx HEX FPGA programming files into “C code” that can be compiled into firmware. The program can execute a command line prompt and the format is “cvt.exe MYFILE.hex”. The program will then produce a file called fpgadat.c. This file will be a const char array of all bytes present in the source file that cvt was operating on.

Download CVT
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Unit Converter

This is a great tool allowing conversion between many different units including length, density, energy, and other parameters.

Download Unit Converter
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