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Legacy Microblaze Cores

Finger Lakes Engineering Xilinx Microblaze IP Cores for Legacy OPB Interface

Finger Lakes Engineering has implemented over 24 different Xilinx Microblaze embedded solutions for our clients.

Our Microblaze designs have been utilized in application ranging from 25MHz API/command level processing systems through 200MHz Gigabit Ethernet data routers and Image processing systems.

As part of our Free From FLE program, Finger Lakes Engineering is now offering downloadable Microblaze IP cores from this website.

These cores provide useful, but non-proprietary, technology to help jumpstart a Microblaze design. All of the cores include summary specifications and are completely free to use in any commerical, student, or research program.

ST Micro Serial Flash Interface Core

The FLE ST-FLASH Core provides a dedicated read/write/erase and page-mode program support for connecting the Microblaze directly to ST 25PXX Serial Flash Memory devices. FLE has used this core with the 8MB (25P64 device) in several instances. A basic driver file is provide which allows RAM-to-FLASH, FLASH-to-RAM, testing, and code execution from within RAM memory.

Download FLE ST FLASH Core
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Microblaze LCD Interface Core

The FLE LCD Interface Core allows a 4-bit or 8-bit ASCII-type LCD display to be directly mapped into the memory space of the Microblaze processor. This core greatly simplifies reading and writing command and data cycles to the LCD display.

Download FLE LCD Core
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Microblaze Hardware Version Tracking Core

A Microblaze design always has at least TWO components. These components are the source code (firmware) that the Microblaze executes and the logic (gates/etc) image that actually implements the Microblaze system. This simple core implements an OPB peripherial that allows the user to create a 32-bit parameter and configure “logic” version of the Microblaze system. The core facilitaties true hardware version tracking of the entire Microblaze logic image.

Download FLE-Version
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FLE Microblaze “UartLite”

Xilinx provides a simple FIFO based UART free with the Platform Studio tool. FLE has extended the Xilinx UartLITE core to provide embedded RTS/CTS hardware handshaking, a baud rate control register, and the ability to transmit upto 9 data bits plus a parity bit. The core can be used as a “plug-and-play” replacement for the Xilinx UartLite core while providing much needed new features.

Download FLE UartLite
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FLE Microblaze SPI Core

The FLE SPI Core provides four independent channels that allow the FPGA to control a 16-bit SPI slave device such as a D/A converter. This core makes it very simple to interface the Microblaze to a D/A such as the DAC7513 device.

Download FLE SPI Core
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FLE ToneGenerator

The FLE Tone Generator core provides a simple 50/50 pulse generator with adjustable frequency and duration periods. This core can be used to directly drive a Piezo Buzzer, from the Microblaze, to add fault tones or audible alerts to a Microblaze system.

Download FLE Tone Core
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FLE FT245BM Core

The FLE FT245BM core is designed to directly map the FtdI FT245BM Integrated USB Controller into the Microblaze Memory Space. This core, combined with the FT245BM, will yield a complete USB 1.1 solution allowing a high performance USB embedded system to be designed using the Microblaze core and without the “hassles” of the USB stack. The USB stack functions are provided within the FtdI FT245BM device. FLE has used this core to produce over 800KB/s of sustained transfers.

Download FLE FT235BM Core
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FLE Quadrature Decoder Core

The FLE Quadrature Decoder Core provides a complete interupt driven decoder to interface with an A+A’ quadrature signal. This core provides a tunable digital filter to debounce the “noisy” quadrature signals and provide a clean detect, direction, and interrupt state to the Microblaze.

Download FLE Quadrature Decoder
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