Are you RoHS Compliant?

The impact that RoHS will have on engineering designs and product deployment could include:

  • RoHS may require a requalification of a design using the RoHS compliant parts
  • A design may have to be re-engineered to support the RoHS compliant parts
  • The different chemical makeup of RoHS parts may require an additional “learning curve” for PCB assembly houses to re-tool soldering processes

Additional links on RoHS:


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This section provides a variety of Specifications, Standards, and helpful guides. Some of these papers are authored by Finger Lakes Engineering and some are from other vendors.

This page provides links to a series of design papers ranging from IPC specifications, logic design practices, PC MotherBoard layout techniques, and EMC guidelines. These papers and links are for reference only and Finger Lakes Engineering will assume no liability for their use.

DDR Guide

This paper was written by Fairchild Semiconductor and provides some system level details into the timing, optimization, and tradeoffs of a DDR memory system.

Download DDR Guide (PDF)

IPC Charts

This link provides a PDF file that has various trace and current charts for sizing the width of both surface and embedded traces. These charts provide approximate temperature rise data.

Download IPC Charts (PDF)

Cooling Guide

This paper is a great introduction to the design considerations, mechanics, and basic equations needed to determine cooling requirements for an electronic system. Cooling is sometimes viewed as a “we will test it and see” strategy and this paper provides some analytical methods to gain confidence in a design without a high end finite element package and without a “wait and see” plan. This paper was authored by Comair Rotron.

Download Cooling Guide (PDF)

TIN Commandments

This paper was authored my AMP Connectors and it provides a terrific guide for understanding how to use tin plated connectors. There are important design considerations that need to be given to any type of connection including mating pressure, current requirements, and signal integrity. This paper provides some manufacturing and long-term reliability guidelines for tin plated connectors.

Download TIN Commandments (PDF)

Safety Guide

This paper was authored by Dwayne Davis at Associated Research, Inc. The paper discusses common product safety testing and methods including AC Line Leakage currents, Insulation Resistance Testing, HiPot Testing, and provides impedance models for the human body.

Download Safety Guide (PDF)