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FLE Mustang
F-22 Supporting Role

The Advanced Warfighter Support facility for the United States Air Force (located in Arizona) has qualified the FLE Mustang for use as an Ethernet Data Collection node for acquiring test data during engineering and testing F-22 Joint Strike Fighter. More Projects


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Finger Lakes Engineering inPhase Newsletters

This section provides a historical copy of all direct issued inPhase Newsletters from FLE.



Volume 2, Issue 1

FLE Announces our new Office Location in Dryden, NY

Read about our newly published article on the Xilinx Microblaze; featured in the Xilinx Embedded Journal.

FLE releases a Free, Trial and Commercial version of a 802.3 compliant 10/100 Ethernet MAC core and reference designs. The core is for direct use with the Xilinx Microblaze processor core.


Volume 2, Issue 2

FLE releases a smaller and higher performance version of our Microblaze Ethernet MAC Core supporting Spartan 3, 3E, 3AN, and Virtex4 and Virtex5 FPGAs. The new core provides upto 500KB/s while using only 6 Block Rams.

FLE releases a new IP Core, under the Free From FLE Program, to directly interface the Xilinx Microblaze core with the ST Serial Flash Memory STP25Mxx series.

FLE releases our reference design files and binary/bitstreams images for FUSION uCLinux on the Xilinx Spartan3E-500 Rev D Eval Board.

Discussion and overview of remoting updating technology and its benefits; made possible by FUSION.



Volume 2, Issue 3

FLE announces the launch of the Free From FLE Program and the first round of free Xilinx Microblaze IP cores released by FLE.

FLE announces the launch of the FLE Developer’s forum to support general engineering development and to provide support for the Free From FLE cores.

Part #4 in our discussion on Microprocessors, FPGA, and saving $$$. In this section, we should a potential block diagram and discuss system level advantages to an FPGA based motor control system.


Volume 2, Issue 2

FLE announces that the firm’s engineering libraries have been converted to support RoHS compliant designs.

FLE announces that the firm has been accepted into the Freescale Design Alliance Partner Program.

Part #3 in our discussion on Microprocessors, FPGA, and Saving $$$. In this section, we discuss FPGAs, their construction, benefits, and how to begin an FPGA design.


Volume 2, Issue 1

FLE Client survey and TiVo Award Winner!

Part#2 in our discussion on Microprocessors, FPGA, and Saving $$$. In this section, we discuss the typical operations of a microprocessor and why they may not be the best choice for all products.



Volume 1, Issue 1

First debut of inPhase!

Topics include ribbon cutting ceremony in new office space, RoHS compliance directives, FLE’s featured client CountMeIn, and staff updates.


Volume 1, Issue 2

FLE is awarded $28K training grant from New York State. Profile on FLE’s featured client Gliff Technology.


Volume 1, Issue 3

FLE is awarded New York State “Fast Track 50” recognition. The firm placed #4 in overall growth.

Part 1 of our series in discussing Microprocessors, FPGAs, and Saving $$$. This part introduces the traditional solution to computer engineering issues and begins to present a different approach aimed at improving performance, reducing costs, and reducing complexity.