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Manufacturing Capabilities

Client Product Build Services

Finger Lakes Engineering has the ability through our internal processes and our strong partner network to provide product manufacturing capabilities to our clients.

Leveraging Our Partner Network

Finger Lakes Engineering’s Manufacturing Solutions leverages our partner network of PCB Vendors, Assembly Vendors, Component Suppliers, and Plastic/Metal Fabricators. Finger Lakes Engineering is now offering this manufacturing solution to our clients so that we can provide not only engineering design services but production manufacturing services as well. Finger Lakes Engineering’s manufacturing solutions allow our clients to focus on what matter most “Our Client’s Customers” while Finger Lakes Engineering provides assembly details.

Multiple Q&A Checks

Finger Lakes Engineering provides multiple QA checks during all stages of manufacturing. The QA process can range from functional test of assembled PCBs through complete QA of all procured items in more sophisticated product. Finger Lakes Engineering’s QA process requires that our partners provide certification reports for critical electronic and mechanical constraints to ensure that procured items meet the client’s specs. The procured components, plastics, and metal, are then assembled and testing using unique test methods that can be tailored to each client’s particular needs.