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Evaluation Kit

Mustang Datasheets

Application Notes

Case Studies

Supporting Datasheets

    Release Notes
    1. One Mustang OEM Module
    2. One Mustang Demo Board
      • 2 Female DB-9 RS232 Ports
      • 1 Header for LVTTL Serial
      • 1 Header for I2C Access
      • 1 Header for SPI Access
      • 1 Header for GPIO Access
      • On-Board 12-bit DAC
      • 8 LEDs selectably driven by GPIO
    3. One RJ45/Cat5 Ethernet Cable
    4. One 6V-9VDC Power Supply
    5. Schematics for the Demo Board
    6. User Manual for the Demo Board
    7. Access to Finger Lakes Engineering’s FTP for U pdates and new Features


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    Use Ethernet Your Way!

    • Evaluation Kit


    • Mustang Module

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    • REV 1.0

    The FLE Mustang is an OEM module allowing engineers to embed Ethernet Functions directly in their products without ANY prior TCP/IP knowledge, hassles, or code development!


    The Mustang is designed to provide a complete Ethernet Solution providing:

    • RS232<>Ethernet Data conversion functions
    • LVTTL Serial <> Ethernet Data conversion from 300 baud to 2 MegaBaud
    • Remote Management to store/retrieve System Settings and Configurable User Settings
    • Expansion Capabilities through GPIO, I2C, and SPI
    • Complete Ethernet Socket access to ALL I/O ports and Hardware Interfaces on the Mustang
    • 10/100 Ethernet with StaticIP/DHCP and Supports Power Over Ethernet
    • BDM/Debugger for firmware development
    • OEM Licensable firmware package for full customer development

    As an OEM module, the Mustang is simple to use and connect to your product’s main board. The Mustang can be powered directly from 3.3V (supplied by the main board) or through an optional Powered Ethernet interface. The Mustang is the industry’s only single-chip OEM Ethernet Solution that provides Powered Ethernet Support.

    Mustang Hardware Architecture

    Mustang Architecture

    For groups experienced in TCP/IP Connectivity; direct licensing of the Mustang’s source code can be provided to allow direct access to all of the Mustang’s hardware features along with the ability to create custom applications for execution on the Mustang.

    The Mustang provides a full BDM/Debugger header for complete development of a custom application using a standard ColdFire BDM such as the PE Micro USB-ML-CFE ColdFire BDM Module.

    For more information on the Mustang, please read our case-studies, application notes, and datasheets.