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Use Ethernet Your Way!

  • PRODUCTION Q2-2009

  • Cart

The FALCON is a miniature single board computer, based on the Texas Instruments TMS320DM6446 Davinci Processor and Xilinx Spartan3-FPGA to provide Image Processing acceleration.


The FALCON provides the following features

  • MS320DM6446 CPU
  • Xilinx Spartan3E-500 Support Processor (Scalability to Spartan 3E-1600)
  • NAND Flash Memory for NV Storage supporting Linux 2.6.x and User Filesystem
  • EEPROM Memory for NV Storage
  • 256MB of DDR2-SDRAM and 512MB of LargePage NAND Flash
  • Xilinx FPGA, Flash PROM, and Texas Instruments JTAG Debug Support
  • OnBoard CANBus Controller (Microchip MCP2515)
  • Direct Xilinx FPGA and Davinci UART-0 Debug Ports
  • Multi-Channel NTSC/PAL Video Encoder and Sampling System
  • Direct Digital Video Inputs (external CMOS/CCD imager port)
  • Analog Video Outputs (Component, S-Video, HD-Video)
  • Digital Video Outputs (LCD or RGB888 Display Drive)
  • SD/MMC Media Card I/O Ports
  • OnBoard 10/100 Ethernet Port (requires only an external RJ45 + Magnetics)
  • Software Selectable USB Host and USB Slave Interface
  • Stereo Audio Codec TLV320AIC33
  • High Efficiency High Speed Switching Regulators
  • FALCON allows direct execution of ALL codecs from the DVEVM
  • FALCON provides a reference app using a CMOS imager for video capture
  • FLE reference NAND Flash Filesystem for On-Board Booting

Falcon Hardware Architecture

Falcon Architecture